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I'm a small town mom of three, energy addict and I'm obsessed with helping others find their purpose and create the lifestyle of their dreams.

My superpower is helping to bring out the best of others and get them moving forward. I have a lot of energy. I tell it like it is. I'm fluent in tough love and big on understanding. Together we are going to explore, align, take risks and do things differently.

Lauren is an Activation Coach and Founder of the Activation Academy. After years as an entrepreneur and top leader, Lauren turned her focus toward inner development. According to her the secret to success isn't fitting in but standing out, something that was a hard-learned lesson as a child and teen struggling with ADHD. Today Lauren empowers, motivates and energizes crowds with her humor and encouragement. She is passionate about Self Love and using your intrinsic magic to propel you forward. Lauren is an expert in activation, helping thousands of women develop evergreen skills and confidence to see results in their life and in their business. While many consider her motivating she often refers to herself not as a motivation speaker but rather an energy dealer. You simply cannot leave Lauren without a smile and ambition to grow. 

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