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Networking can be SO Awkward!😕 Even if you are naturally an extrovert, networking can be overwhelming and a serious time sucker.🙅‍♀️ Growing a network is an important part of our social structure and business growth. You should have a network before you need one.

I remember years ago when I was growing my business thinking- "there HAS to be a better way, I go to all these meetings, listen to everyone's mini introduction then walk around with this stack of cards no one wants until someone talks to me." So I decided to work smarter and not harder and grew my networking by hundreds within a few months without a single business card or meeting. Today my network is in the thousands and I use the same manageable skills to continue to grow and maintain.

Let me teach you how... This is a quick 1 hour course packed with HOW I did it and where you can start.


Did you know one of the fastest ways to activate and create the lifestyle of your dreams is to STOP complaining? We complain a lot. We complain about our looks, the weather, the pets, the kids, our house, traffic, people and SO MUCH MORE.

Well what would happen to your actions and awareness if the comfort of complaining wasn't there anymore?? Join us for an eye opening 3 day discussion and challenge.

There will be prizes - Stay Tuned and make sure you claim a spot and put in your email to participate and claim prizes!

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Lauren Matera


My education was in psychology and social work since my dream was always in communicating and supporting others. Not many people know I have a certification 

 as an Addictions Counselor. 


 When I'm not hustling, I'm cooking or baking. Creativity fuels a lot of my energy. It's one of my gifts, (organization) is notI love animals, meditation, nature, crafting and traveling.

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Michelle Shiffler


I’m a former high school English teacher and yearbook adviser turned WAHM to two spunky little girls.


When I’m not chauffeuring them around, I’m crafting, gardening, canning, running my business, singing, and working alongside my husband on DIY projects.


Kicking back in a hammock with a good book and a glass of lemonade is my favorite way to unwind.

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