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Looking for speakers and workshop leaders can be stressful. You want to make sure what they say resonates with your attendees and moves them forward. Lauren has both attended and facilitated dozens of events over the years and knows first hand that finding the right people can be tough. She is not a motivational speaker, through she will definitely motivate you. She considers herself an energy dealer since her goal is to inspire action and supercharge the audience.

Most of Lauren's talks are based in empowering others to step into their power and grow forward. As a successful entrepreneur, top leader and coach Lauren believes that all the strategy in the world is lost on someone who doesn't know who they are at their core. You can't build a dream on doubt, fear or guilt. 

None of her speeches are exactly the same. She prefers instead to interact with the audience, often speaking from the edge of the stage or in the crowd. She offers creative insight and relatable stories and is often regarded for her wisdom and entertainment. Many attendees to her workshops and talks adore her witty jokes, relatable stories and tough love.  

If you are looking to: encourage action within your organization, help your team find confidence or increase sales and productivity- Activation is KEY

Speech Examples:

🎤Stay in your Magic 

🎤Your Dreams are a Priority

🎤Friend Making Machine

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