Are you ready to finally make yourself a priority but need a little push?

Just like your spouse asking you where you want to eat, when it comes to your direction your answer can't  be "I don't care, you pick".


Here's the deal- in your personal life or business, the lifestyle of your dreams is waiting for you to step up and create it. You can't take a back seat approach and hope someone else is going to figure out who you are and where you'll be happiest. You need to own that, without guilt, without shame, and with a lot of self love. When you are activated you unapologetically live your truth without the need for validation. This is about saying "NO", setting healthy boundaries, knowing your value, and empowering others.


Ladies, activation is going to help you figure out who you are, chase your purpose and find your worth. Boss babes, activation is going to help you grow your organization and attract the right people to your energy and passion. (This was my secret to being a top sponsor and leader in 2 brands!)You have way too much Magic to be hiding in the back.  If you want the life or business of your dreams you're gonna need to step up to the front row.

"Incredible energy and a fantastic sense of humor" - Carolyn

"Her passion is contagious" - Destiny