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This is not a "how to recruit 100 people to your team in 24 hours. I cannot stand that mentality. You know why? You can't lead, guide, assist and understand 100 people and their goals and needs in 24 hours. You also can't effectively coach 100 people, one on one, in their first 30 days with you. You aren't going to find any language or scripts here, they don't work. You need to correct some behaviors so the people watching your hustle, want to be a part of it. First let's define team, for me a team should be a collection of people, joined by the same spirit and destination. They create a culture of support, wisdom and motivation all aligned within the same mission.

In my sales experience, I've personally sponsored nearly 250 people into business in the last 5 years. Some were even people I recruited into new endeavors, entrepreneurship and brands outside my own because it didn't make sense for them to be on my journey with me, but I knew exactly where they could thrive. 

Girl, I know you're hustling. I know you are trying your hardest to figure out how the heck to get people interested in your business. I know you are busy and have a lot going on. (How many cups of coffee have you had today?) I know you've posted on social media a few times and even bit the bullet and "went LIVE".

Here me out though, somethings you are doing ALL THE THINGS but they are a waste of time. I love to apply quality of hustle over quantity of hustle. You can spend a lot of empty hours doing things that are not getting you results.

Try this goal sheet to help you prioritize your day for more productivity.

Without knowing it, your everyday actions could be sabotaging you. Its not always the physical actions that draw people to your mission but the energy you are putting out. The vibe and hustle they are seeing, will help create a desire within them to take action with you. Here's 5 things that always come up as HUGE red flags when I'm coaching someone to build a team. Once they acknowledge and correct them, they start to see results quickly.

  • You are not "WORKING IT". You might be talking the talk but you aren't walking the walk. You need a strong personal business. People need to see you succeed. They need to see you taking action and getting results. You believe because you are full of passion. For others, seeing is believing. 

  • You aren't talking about your business enough. You don't have to have a neon sign over your head, but your business should be in EVERY conversation no matter how subtle. Even something as simple as "Omg, someone on my sales team has that same sweater". (Oh dang girl, you have a team... tell me more!)

  • You are still SCARED. Knock it off, you need to stop wincing at the thought of telling people about your goals, dreams and business. The truth is, you aren't going to talk anyone into anything. You need to let go of the outcome and just share what you are excited about. They will decide if they are interested in hearing more. 

  • You PRE-JUDGE. "She's too young". "She's too busy". "He lives in the middle of no-where". "She's shy". "They aren't motivated". First of all, someone has said the same thing about you and me. "She'll never make it". None of that matters. It's not up to you. You share, they either want it or they don't. 

  • You aren't creating RELATIONSHIPS. You are meeting people but not engaging in further conversation, exchanges or advancing the rapport. (bad move) If you are going to take the time to meet people and connect, make sure you are taking inventory of their goals, situation and interests. Establish another meeting or even propose a project together. Your goal is to have lots of new friends, not just names on cards. 

What is it for you? Why do you want a team? What do you offer those that partner up with you? What's your teams mission? Start with answering that, then build your interactions and conversations around that.