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Hey I get it. Hashtags are confusing AF. I know you are frustrated. I know you struggle with what to hashtag. What will matter? How many hashtags to use? And where do you put them?

There are some experts that say to use no more than 10 hashtags per post. Others say, "Hey, use as many as they allow." I personally fall somewhere in between; I use as many as I can mentally apply to that post or image. I don't go out of my way to hunt down more hashtags, but if the subject has a lot of connections I'll tag what applies.

When you hashtag you file that post into a collection of other posts sharing that tag. So hastagging a photo #mondaynight will take that image and assign it to that tag along with any other posts. That creates a searchable collection of posts all under the label"#mondaynight".

So here's my 3 pieces of #advice, so you don't stress next time you go to post:

  1. Don't go for tags that are over used. I try to use tags with more moderate followings. Tags that have 1 million plus posts, mean they are used often and your post is likely to get buried quickly. Try selecting tags that have 100,000-700,000 posts for maximum exposure. #don'tquityourdaydream has 436K posts & #bloggerbabes has 137K.

  2. Hashtag in the comments. People search by tags but they don't want to see them with your caption. Post then comment with your tags so your followers don't get confused by your 10-30 tags.

  3. It's important to not only tag what's in the photo but who would want to see it. Tagging a photo of a child's lunch as "#Lunchtime" "#Lunchboxlove" is great but who would want to see that image. Who could that image help or apply to? Make sure you add tags like "#momswhopacklunches" "#instamomlife" "#parenting". That puts the image with all the other lunch posts but it also puts it in collections of parenting and mom themes.

Here is my MASTER list of Hashtags to put you in some collections with fabulous and inspiring boss lovelies just like you!