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Where are my nail girls at? Holler! 💅🏻 I get my nails done every 2-3 weeks religiously.

I know that's not the first statement you expected to read, so let me explain. I am not a good decision maker. I am a jump into it. If it sounds good, do it. Live for today, take the risk kind of girl. Which has served me well, but when presented with multiple options, I'm the worst.

Example: "Where do you want to go to eat?" (Indecisive wives unite!) After 14 years together my husband knows to not even bother anymore because anywhere he suggests I'm going to say; "Maybe" or "Sure, I guess". Getting my nails done is no different. They hand me a HUGE ring of like 100 color swatches and expect me to just pick one. I'm usually still fumbling between at least 3-4 colors when she is ready to start painting. So I just choose.

When it comes to making choices, choosing a path or picking an idea- how do you pick one it if they are all great? Have you ever struggled with more than one amazing idea or opportunity at a time. I have. And though I try to figure out which is the better one or which idea is more important sometimes they really are all good.

Business is like that. Opportunities are like that. You will be faced with ideas that are all really great. Ideas and epiphanies seem to manifest in clusters. You've got nothing for days or weeks then one morning you're in the shower and you're flooded with options. (P.s there are note pads for that!)

Here's the honest truth; they are probably all solid, creative, and really awesome ideas. I don't know that I've ever had a "stupid" idea, and you probably truly haven't either. Some maybe aren't cooked all the way through or timing isn't right. You need to know that. Your ideas and the opportunities you are faced with are not black and white. They aren't right or wrong. And just like all of the nail polish color options, they are all wonderful and great in their own light, but I only need to COMMIT to one. One is not more right or more perfect than the rest.

The secret to making decisions is understanding that you don't need one option to be better than another, you just need to commit to one. All of your ideas, opportunities, options and paths are probably great, the one that's going to work best will always be the one you commit to. So choose the one that you can see consistency, passion, and energy in 1 week, 1 month and 1 year from now. Your commitment will always choose the success of your decision.

What decisions or options do you face now? If they are both pretty evenly matched, which let's be real, if they weren't it wouldn't be a tough choice, which one can you COMMIT to? Maybe that's the one that will afford you the most success based on your dedication and motivation for it.