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We talk a lot about positivity and being in a mindset for success. #goodvibesonly right? You have to protect your energy; no one else will. 

A few months ago, I challenged over 125 individuals to not complain for 72 hours. Obviously this was met with both excitement and hesitation. Why on earth would I ask this of so many wives and mothers? Because I knew it was worth it.

When we are in a positive mindset we engage a greater frequency of energy. That energy level is were you find: 

  • Problem Solving

  • Creativity

  • Determination

  • Willingness to communicate 

  • Passion

Can you recall a time when you were in high frequency energy? Maybe after a great conversation, event, receiving good news or offered an opportunity? This level is where your happiness and overall joy reside.

On the other end, there is a lower frequency of energy. We get bad news, we get bound in gossip and negativity or something unforeseen occurs. When we fall from high frequency energy we find ourselves frustrated, annoyed and complaining. (Like walking into the house after an evening out and finding that your dogs helped themselves to a trash bag buffet... oh yes... it happens to me too!)

When you default to that lower level, it becomes harder for us to use our problem solving, positivity, and focus. The "no complaining" challenge is implemented to create a buffer between your high and low levels. Protecting and allowing you to maintain your energy and troubleshoot your way through the situation in a forward moving manner. So instead of completely losing my 'you know what' when we got home to a complete mess and FREAKING OUT, I actually said, "That's my fault, I left the bag out." and just cleaned it up. Forward moving action saved me from getting agitated and fixating on a situation that ultimately would end the same either way- with me having to clean up a mess.  

Here's the thing though, the challenge doesn't stop you from complaining. It makes you realize that in situations where you could take on frustration, you have the option to use your high frequency energy instead of abandoning it. I mentioned at this event that if you don't have time for forward moving action to push your journey, business or mindfulness forward you definitely don't have time to complain. It's simply a waste of your energy and time. 

Positive energy must not only be protected but cultivated.

One way to do that is through SAVORING. Did you just picture a huge slice of chocolate cake? I would love a piece of chocolate lava cake right now, but savoring isn't just about food. Savoring involves many aspects that increase positive emotion, improve mental well-being, and strengthen problem solving according to Loyola University studies. You can SAVOR a variety of experiences through anticipation, sharing,and appreciation. It's really about your awareness and focus. 

Here are some ways to SAVOR:

- Plan something you've always wanted to do. This achieves that anticipation and excitement. You also have the experience itself to appreciate and share.

- Spend time in nature. Walk through a park, go for a hike or an exploration. Nature is a great opportunity for wonder and beauty.

- When something good happens, celebrate! Plan a party, a dinner, or meet with friends. Mark the occasion with as much enjoyment as possible. 

-Savor something simple. One of my ways to SAVOR is rediscovering something I already know and love. Like my first cup of coffee in the morning, really enjoy it.

Challenge yourself to not complain. Catch yourself before the words come out. Instead take action and move forward. Plan a time to savor this week. It could be something simple and small that creates new boundless appreciation and positivity.