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Girl, you're doing it! Materials, products, and all the goods are probably already in house or on the way. That's the fun stuff, right? Before you can start slingin' candles and t-shirts, you're going to need some office essentials. As a former

Etsy-er and seller of many things, I have come to love some Boss Basics. These will make your life- SO MUCH EASIER. You want to spend your time selling, creating and being a bad ass online boss. You do not want to spend your precious time in line at the post office or trying to get good photo with your phone. (Your online sales DEPEND on photography.)

Remember dollars per hour matter. You want to spend 3/4 of the time you have daily on income producing activities. Speaking of income; you will need a computer or laptop to track all those sales and manage your platforms. You will also need a bank account and payment processor. Customers love PayPal. It's easy to set up and you can even get a PayPal Business Card to use. All those supplies need to hang out somewhere, they are your cash flow. Make sure you have the appropriate displays and storage. Besides that you'll need a few of my FAVORITES and I linked them so it's even easier. Go on girl, Add to Cart and Slay!

  • Label Writer

DYMO Label Printer 450

  • Camera:

Canon Powershot SX530

  • Postage Scale

Accuteck DreamGold Digital Scale

  • Light Box:

20" Power Studio Light Box

  • Mailers

Pack it Chic 10x13 Poly Mailer

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