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You finally took the leap. You thought about this journey long and hard. Maybe not too long, but long enough to come to the decision to go for it. Cheers girl, the first steps are the hardest. Once you've announced your new endeavor you will begin the honeymoon period of business. This is when you have the most energy, optimism and you feel alittle like Jo Dee Messina, "your give a damn is busted". You are in the moment, chasing your dreams.

This is the period when you will try all the things, make all the moves and tell all the people. Unfortunately there will come a day when something or someone knocks you into fight or flight mode. Reality becomes all too real.

"What am I doing?" "This is crazy!" "I can't do this!"

This is when we start creating a tangle of mistakes out of fear, doubt and anxiety. This is normal and if I didn't suffer from them myself, I wouldn't be writing about them. These will create far more problems, so let's all just agree now, that is any of these speak to you, you'll fix them.

1. You are confusing Making Plans and Taking Action.

I know you want to be prepared, that's smart. Everything you will read will tell you how important it is to have a strategy and stick to it. I get it! Like I said, I've been there! Theres a balance between making the plans and actually taking some action. I have seen so many women come to me in their first few weeks and I ask them what steps they are taking, everything they have planned is in 2 weeks, in a month or "when I'm ready".

You have to make moves now. The party is starting lady, and this is one time you don't want to be fashionably late. Things are happening, people are watching; open the doors! I sometimes think of this as dancing at a party. That song comes on that everyone loves to dance to, the dance floor fills quickly, the music is awesome, you really want to get out there, but you don't know all the steps. So, you sit there watching. Finding the pattern, the 8 count and rhythm. You are planning out the perfect time to jump in. Sound familiar? Girl, just get out there and dance! You know the basics, just start moving your feet. Observation and strategy can happen when you're already wobbling to the music. You don't need to be perfect, but the song will end before you even get to "slide to the left", and you'll miss out on something great. Some lessons are best learned in action. Don't do it in 4 weeks, do it now.

2. You are not asking for Help.

Ok, this one is tough for sure. I see it far too often. Asking for help when you are unsure or need some direction in your business doesn't mean you're failing. I think that's why we don't ask for help as new business owners. We set out to chase this dream and build an empire. We told everyone how excited and ready we are. Asking for help might make people think we are struggling or makes us feel unprepared. It's a blow to the ego. After years of trying to do everything on my own and learning the hard way, let me save you some grief girl, ASK FOR HELP! If you don't, you're only hurting your business.

You are always going to struggle with asking for help until you understand and appreciate one truth. You are good at a lot of things, but not everything. You have undeniable strengths but you also have weaknesses. Your weaknesses are someone else's strengths, the things that make you cringe are someone else's favorite part of the day. It's their passion and mission. I am a natural motivator, innovator, leader and thinker, but I am not great with execution. I can come up with a compelling fundraiser event, envision everything from the decor to the donations, but I am not good at planning. I get distracted by all the excitement and sometimes get derailed. It took me years of suffering in silence before I understood that everyone plays a role. That I am not good at everything and being the CEO of your dreams also comes with the responsibility of delegating tasks to people who can accomplish them best. Think about it- would you hire someone for an expensive advertising campaign that bakes really great cupcakes? Identify where your hours are best spent, and ask for help on the things that you struggle with. That doesn't make you a bad entrepreneur it makes you a smart one.

3. You're being Impatient.

You expect immediate successes. Besides DOUBT, impatience kills more dreams than anything else I know. It gets in your head, you start looking around for logic and answers. You question your position as an entrepreneur because it's been 3 weeks and you aren't growing as quickly as that other girl you read about on social media.

I know you want results and want them now, but obsessing over lack of results is not going to do you any good. Business takes time, success takes longer. You have to be happy now, love the mission you are serving, and the business comes after. Overnight successes are not the standard. Many of us need to pour blood, sweat, and tears into this endeavor before we really see results. When you are impatient, you also fall victim to feeling overwhelmed. You move from task to task too quickly without appreciating each step and learning from it. You are driven by seeing results verse being proud of taking the steps forward. You are not here to build overnight, you want long term sustainability, and that comes with putting the time in to build relationships, rapport, and some trial and error. Just because you dedicated a week of consistency and didn't see thousands of dollars of revenue as a result doesn't make it a failure. It's repeating and perfecting that behavior that will bring you the success you're craving. Be patient.