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Put on lipstick and conquer the day. Some of the most iconic women in history have donned a ruby shade. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball and Gwen Stefani to name a few favorite red lip divas.

The truth is, until recently, I was never much of a lipstick wearer. I thought it wasn't for me. It didn't look right, it was too bright, too apparent and far to bold for a housewife. What a horrible story to tell myself. Then about 5 years ago for an event, I wore a bright pink lipstick for breast cancer awareness. After that I started playing with different shades of red, I found that I did have a little more pep my step with a bright, bold lip. It was the simplest accessory I had to change my mood. There are things you can do for yourself to feel more motivated, confident, or ready. If you work from home they say "dress for a day at the office to keep you on task and productive." You can go for a walk to start your day- get that heart beating and pumping all those happy hormones through your body. I say this: put on a lipstick that makes you feel like the beautiful boss you are.

An article I read recently suggested that 85% of lipstick wearers admit to feeling more confident. I don't know what it is about a bold lipstick, particularly red, that makes you feel stronger. Maybe it's that we have seen these other amazing women wearing it and thought "Wow, she's a total rockstar." Maybe we are inspired by a matriarch in our family that wore the most incredible shade of crimson. Whatever it is, there is some kind of magic in lipstick. Even Gwen Stefani said that she got her first lipstick in her stocking at 18 and felt so daring in it.

There is no age for confidence. There is no financial status, location, or blood type. Confidence doesn't discriminate. If you can give yourself a little boost of bad ass, why not? That's why for my photo shoot I chose the Luminess Stain called Award Show. It's deep, noticeable and strong. Red lipstick also makes your teeth look whiter; if you didn't know, now you do.

There is truth in putting on lipstick and attacking your goals. Doing the big scary things with a little bit of attitude and sass. Knowing you're powerful and capable. You don't need lipstick to do it, but it makes it a lot more fun. Even women in Bosnia request lipstick over everything else.

Brita Fernandez Schmidt, the executive director of Women for Women International UK, an organization that helps women in areas affected by conflict, told a story in a Byrdie article from 2016. She said that while in Bosnia, they asked the women what items they would like the team to bring with them when they came back and they said lipstick. WHAT!? Not feminine products, vitamins, or clothes. Lipstick! They explained that it helps them feel more beautiful, and it's their way of resisting the war.

Lipstick unlocks confidence, and confidence harnesses power. You intrinsically have all the power, capability and opportunity within you. It's just waiting to be activated. Some days it might be a sundress, other days a new hair do, or a great, bold red lip. Whatever it takes to give you that boost, just know lipstick doesn't create confidence, it just helps unleash it.