I'm so glad a few of you asked. About 3 months ago, I was coming out of one of the highest frequency energy periods I've ever been in. New business, new brand, new people, a chance to raise the bar, and a little bit of a challenge for me to see if I really did "just get lucky" all those years ago. (That was the last post.)

As summer rolled around, a few small milestones happened that more or less changed everything for me. This is the 2nd time this year, that life turned me a new direction. I was hustling and happy, but once pieces were put on the table, they couldn't be removed. I couldn't "unfeel" them. It was liberating, exciting, and I felt a really strong calling toward the passion that has driven the last 10 years: inspiring others to live the life of their dreams.

To do that, I wanted to run with what I believe has been the root of all my success and that took a little soul searching. When I decided to pursue helping others and creating an environment of enlightenment and inspiration, I wanted to label it with that little piece of magic that I feel is essential to any dream chasing you're doing- ACTIVATION. Activation can be viewed different ways, for me it's about renewal, revival and triggering. Taking who you are at your core, with all your gifts and passions, and hitting the 'ON' switch. Igniting your own powerhouse of energy, truth, talents, and purpose. With all the training in the world and all the strategy available, if you don't know who you are and why you are doing what you're doing, it won't matter.

This is mind + body. This isn't just information or training. Activation is a process. It took me years to unburden myself. I was cloaked in guilt, pain, frustration, and envy. I wanted what others had just to have it, even if it wasn't something I wanted or cared about. Everyone was competition. The odds were always against me. But, like a fixer upper, I had good bones. There was a lot of love, passion, curiosity and gifts to work with. It just took time. I don't even recognize that person, the old me, anymore. She wasn't bad, and I'm not saying I was a bad person or didn't have friends that I truly loved and cared about, but I can never be that chick again. I've evolved. Everyday I remind myself before I go to sleep, I'll never again be the chick I was today again. We grow, we experience, and we evolve.

Activation for me is a lifestyle. Focused on the purity of your passions and gifts. We fuel direction with grace, awareness and commitment. When someone first asked me "what does an activation coach do?" I replied- "I help people move their ass toward their dreams." While it's not incorrect, I would like to elaborate. " My job as an activation coach is to help trigger an enhanced awareness of your gifts and revive them in pursuit of your dreams." I guess it will just depend on how quick of an answer you want, both are good.

The name of the game here is exploration. Diving into who you are, where you are, and what tools you intrinsically possess to create our own magic. Activation is where passion meets purpose.

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