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Did you misplace your New Year’s Resolution? It’s ok, be honest. It’s important to be accountable but also realistic. A twelve month goal without smaller more manageable milestones has a high rate of failure. We make those goals in the lull of winter. A slow month coming off of a holiday high, and we struggle with keeping goals in the foreground.

Luckily for you, September is here to save the day. Think about it. We are pre-programmed for restarting and realigning this time of year. Like it or not, back-to-school vibes are permanently etched in our minds. Even if we don’t have kids heading back, everything in the environment around us says “Time to RESET”.

This month we leave the lackadaisical days of summer behind for schedules, structure, organization and new beginnings. We are rested and happier after all the sun soaked days we spent with friends and family. Positivity leads us to ambitious goals and increased productivity-two things that create amazing moves forward for you. Not to mention all that new found organization and motivation fall right into Q4 next month- the holiday growth season.

Don’t overthink it, now is not the time to abandon the goals you set earlier this year. This is the time to reevaluate and strategize how to use the next 4 months to your advantage. Maximize your timing and energy to create big impact in your business.

Here’s some things to think about:


  1. What have you accomplished so far?

  2. What strategies are you currently using?

  3. Are they effective?

  4. Is your social media…Social?

  5. What do you want out of the next 4 months?

  6. What numbers did the last 90 days bring you?


  1. Is your work schedule productive?

  2. Is there software or accessories that would make you more productive?

  3. Is your workspace environment easy to work in?

  4. Do you have the resources you need to keep moving?


  1. Create a new revised goal. Be Specific. (Check my post about FATT Goals)

  2. Implement a new strategy and edited schedule.

  3. Find a source of accountability. A mentor or pacing partner.

  4. Track it. Write it down and stay consistent. (Check my Planner download)

Plan a celebration.

  1. New Years sounds like the perfect time to say cheers to you stepping up in September and owning the end of the year like the Boss you are. Plan a trip, splurge on something for yourself, grab dinner with friends.

Speaking of q4; if you haven’t checked out the info on the course I offer; The Secret to Mastering the Holiday Hustle you might want to add that to your new improved schedule.