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The last 2 weeks have been a blur. It's amusing that this month I deemed "Discovery" month for the blog, and the universe has me on quite the adventure: planning my first event as an activation coach and writing my first keynote as well as just putting myself out there as an expert and professional in the community. All of that comes with a lot of excitement and doubt. I am very good about analyzing doubt and 'doing it anyway.'

If you are like me, you sometimes find yourself asking when things are going to "start falling into place." Well, last week all the things I've had in my head for years started to fall into place. I drew this picture, because some days I feel like I have a speech cloud above me. It follows be around and is filled with all the things I need to prioritize and make happen. The last few weeks have been; KIDS, COACHING CALLS, SOCIAL MEDIA, SPEAKERS, INTERVIEWS, TICKET SALES, VENUE, TOPICS, LOGISTICS, MENUS, DEPOSITS and EMAILS. Something I need to worry about or put into action? Throw it into the cloud. Things that are up there too long can make you anxious. Don't let them. I was getting worried that the pieces wouldn't all fit together. Instead of waiting for magic, I decided to manifest. I rolled my sleeves up and started putting items from my cloud out into the universe. So instead of waiting for speakers to find me, I made it my mission to reach out to women I found inspiring or unique and contacted them. Instead of waiting for tickets to sell, I started reaching out to my social circle to get some initial seats moving. Things fall into place after you throw them into existence. What you don't put into action can't fall into your lap. Everything that is meant to come to you will with belief and patience.

Here are my tips to getting things to fall into place:

1. Trust that you are capable of making things happen for yourself.

You can do this. Keep working, keep brainstorming, ask for help and get creative.

2. Believe you are worthy of all the good things coming your way.

You deserve all the amazing things you crave. Never doubt that things will happen for you.

3. Be patient, things fall into place exactly how they are supposed to.

Give the universe time. Have faith that this is all part of the plan.

4. Put what you want into the universe. Be specific, and share it with everyone.

Always share what you are manifesting. You'd be surprised how serendipitous things can be.

5. Remember that sometimes things falling into place feels a lot like things falling apart.

Somethings feel like steps backward. Not everything your receiving will be super obvious. You might need to reflect on them and where that piece fits in, because it will fit!