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I was not prepared for this week. I'm not even kidding. If I'm being honest, this week has been somewhat of an adjustment. I'll explain. Sometimes in life you get lessons that you didn't know you needed. You need clarity. I had no idea that that's what I needed until this weekend.

I found myself in a beautiful place, completely peaceful, and with unobstructed clarity. It was incredible. Thoughts poured into my head. They opened a new mindset that I knew I wanted to explore, but in all seriousness was not ready for. I grew this week.

What an amazing gift it is when the universe shows you the answers to questions you haven't even asked. I am very rarely speechless, but the times this weekend I found myself in complete awe were numerous.

I learned so much. I ate amazing food. Not ethnically diverse or regional, just good food. The kind of food that just makes you smile (crepes and giant ice cream cones mainly). I saw incredible things. Things that took passion, dedication, and grit to accomplish. I sat with amazing people. The kind of people that truly care about the individual. The soul. The spirit. Not the face, personality, or journey. I met my people.

Every adventure is a gift of grace. I found so much grace this weekend. And while I have perhaps more questions about my direction now than I had going into this past weekend, the magic is...I have questions. I know what I need to ask.

Here's what I do know. I'm going to be super transparent with where I am right now as an entrepreneur, coach and mentor. This weekend I discovered that I have no desire to be the best. The smartest. The bravest or the most liked. I once loved the competition, the challenge and the reward, but I now I know that I can be just as helpful regardless of my title or rank. That doesn't mean I'm not motivated to lead a kick ass team, I just don't NEED to be the highest rank just to have that title next to my name. I have been given this intense sense of gratitude for the gifts I have and my direction now becomes how to effectively share them with those around me. I want to be of service to my community. I want to build others up. I want to see smiles, milestones, celebrations, and lives changing. I want to help others find their passion, their spirit and their own clarity.

If you asked me what I would get out of this weekend, I would have told you; energy, motivation, some amazing cosmetics, and way too many macarons. What I never anticipated was clarity.

Do the things that scare you. What set this new mindset into action was a visit to a gorgeous Hindu temple- hand carved and surrounded by fountains and gardens. I wanted so badly to climb the polished marble steps and go inside. I debated going in while I walked the grounds admiring all the beauty. I thought "this is too uncomfortable, I feel out of place" You had to remove your shoes, you had to ask for a wrap for your waist. Culturally I respected that so much, and I almost said, "maybe next time." At the last minute, and I mean the last minute, I decided I had to do it. Something called me to go put myself outside of my own insecurities and live in the moment. No phones were allowed. No photos inside. For 30 minutes, I walked though bands of sunlight coming through the glass walls. I carefully studied the intricacies of the carvings and marble work. It was so silent. No conversations. No text notifications dinging in the background. NOTHING. I found so much peace in that space.

You need to seek out these moments of clarity. They may not always offer a direction or path but they will at least show you your passion and mission. They help you solidify your why that creates a dedication and motivation to push forward. To develop a thick skin and some grit. I feel so brave. So surefooted. I know what I want to do now and why.

If you get nothing else from this post start the path to finding clarity.

😳Do things that make you uncomfortable.

🧘‍♀️Learn to meditate.

🙌Talk to that person that inspires you.

🗺Travel to all the places.

😬Ask the scary questions.

🤫Sit in a quiet place.

🍡Eat the amazing foods that make you happy.

FIND YOUR CLARITY and discover your mission. It may not be immediate, but it is out there. The world looks so incredible from where I'm sitting right now and I'm so happy.