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In case I haven't told you yet, I like big goals. Big, well thought out goals.

We all have a dream. It's usually financial, career, social or lifestyle. It's very rare that over the last 10 years, I ask someone "what's your dream?" and they don't have an answer.

Even my 7 year old has an answer. She wants to be a ninja unicorn, which sounds freaking awesome! As a mother, I'm struggling with how I'm supposed to coach to that, but we'll work on it.  

What's common is that most people aren't sure what goals to set to accomplish their dreams. (Are you mentally raising your hand like, 'HEY, THAT'S ME!!') It's typical during a coaching session for the response to be: "I think I want to _____, does that sound good?" 

For me, what makes a goal 'good' is answered by a simple acronym I use. "FATT" not with the "Ph", with a double "T". 

When I set goals for myself they are FATT, meaning: Focused- Very Specific. Not 'grow more' but ' grow by how much. Ambitious- It can't be super easy, I need it to be enough of a challenge to keep me motivated to accomplish it. Trackable- I have to be able to measure it. How will I know I'm making progress? Where will I see my efforts? Timely- There must be a targeted completion date. 

Now the big question of the day. Why go through all this effort to choreograph your goals this way? I'm going to be brutally honest.

If you aren't planning out your actions and checking to see if they reflect your goals, then you are wasting time. We already try to use "lack of time" as a reason for not accomplishing things. If you streamline your actions to match your goal, you can spend less time wandering and more time moving. 

Think about this:  🚗If I said, " I want you to be in a specific place, states away, by a certain time and there was $500 waiting for you if you make it." Would you: A. Take 10 minutes to map it out or B. Jump in the car and assume you know how to get there in time?  Please say you'd map it out. 

There is power in specifics. Destination, time of arrival, and direction and that's how you grow efficiently toward your dreams. 

I use my Weekly Planner every Sunday night. I take 10 minutes to brain dump where I need to go and get everything out an on paper. Remember- TRACKABLE.

I outline the goals for the week. Be specific and intentional. Not only what you WANT to accomplish but what you want as a result. Break those goals down into Actions with the TO DO list section. That list could have "contact 3 people from my Monthly Reach out Planner". Use the Days of the week to chart your meetings, appointments, calls, training and development time. My Planner can be found on the Entrepreneur Page.