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  • My 3:1 Social Media Strategy 

  • Which Hashtags to use

  • The Magic Words to Say

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Calling all Network Marketers, Crafters and Small Businesses! 

The holidays bring more than mistletoe and candy canes. 


October through December is Q4 of the selling cycle. The last 3 months of the year to hit goals and make moves. The season is full of joy, cheer, gifting and salutations, making it the retail apex of the year. 

This is when you want to dedicate a little extra hustle and establish a solid strategy. Conversion is high if you are putting yourself in the right places and not wasting time in the worm ones. All that marketing is falling on an audience of customers looking for products to purchase.

This is not the season to be salesy, this is the season to be in service.


I have spent many Q4's in the Holiday Hustle, it's my favorite time of year. For seasoned businesses owners a significant portion of their yearly volume is done in these 3 months alone. Most years over half of my yearly volume came just from Q4. No one is throwing in the towel or sit back for a cup of cocoa this year. 

Grab your Slay-bells, we have work to do. 


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