I'm a small town mom of three, a networking addict, and I'm obsessed with helping others find their passion and create the lifestyle of their dreams.

My superpower is helping to bring out the best of others.  I have a lot of energy. I tell it like it is. I'm fluent in tough love and big on understanding. Together we are going to explore, take risks and do things differently.

Lauren is an Activation Coach and Founder of the Activation Academy. After years as an entrepreneur and top leader, Lauren turned her focus toward inner development. She is often sought out for her humor, her energy, and her encouragement. She is passionate about Self Love and using your Magic to propel yourself forward. She refers to herself not as a motivation speaker but rather an energy dealer. Lauren is an expert in activation, helping thousands of women develop evergreen skills and confidence to see results in their life and in their business. 

I am so happy you are here! 

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Lauren Matera


My education was in psychology and social work since my dream was always in communicating and supporting others. Not many people know I have a certification 

 as an Addictions Counselor. 


 When I'm not hustling, I'm cooking or baking. Creativity fuels a lot of my energy. It's one of my gifts, (organization) is notI love animals, meditation, nature, crafting and traveling.

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Michelle Shiffler


I’m a former high school English teacher and yearbook adviser turned WAHM to two spunky little girls.


When I’m not chauffeuring them around, I’m crafting, gardening, canning, running my business, singing, and working alongside my husband on DIY projects.


Kicking back in a hammock with a good book and a glass of lemonade is my favorite way to unwind.

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Disclaimer: Your Activation depends on the energy you are willing to commit to it. Lauren is not a licensed clinician, counselor or therapist. There are no diagnoses or treatments during coaching. Results are not guaranteed and depend on a number of factors. Images and Numbers collected from this site are meant to showcase possibilities and are not a representation of results to expect.