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You'll learn: 

  • Where my story started

  • How to identify your story

  • How to develop your brand around your story

  • Where to start telling your story

+ An a LIVE Q+A to help you get started.

+Exclusive invitation to the Amplify group on Facebook

No one is born more prone to success than others. I have seen success and growth come from a wide array of personalities, energies and backgrounds. If the last ten years as an entrepreneur and coach has taught me anything it's that you don't need magic or laser vision to be successful. 

You need to know your story and be intentional in how you share it. 


Everyone has a story, even if you look back and you're like "actually, life is good but kind of uneventful." You have an amazing, inspiring voice and story to tell. This course we will talk about my story, what motivated me begin this journey and how I keep that flame burning as my personal brand. The things you love and are already doing can be seamlessly blended with your business to create a cohesive brand identity. You will leave this course ready to identify your superpower and how to use it in your branding strategy. 


Online Only. Limited Space Available.